How Do I Make Memorable Trademark Indonesia

Trademark Indonesia – Trademark is how people will remember your brand, your products, your goods, your services. Hence making it as quirky and unique as possible is a must. Not just unique, but a trademark also should have other criteria to make it even. To make it easier, we will talk about basic trademark criteria your brand better have, and some unique trademark Indonesia examples for you to see and take it as a reference.
Trademark Indonesia: Solid Criteria?

There is no such thing as solid criteria or a must-have. Making a trademark depends on your product, creativity, and ideas. But, if we may suggest you, at least hold on to some of these points to your brands’ trademark, to make them memorable and engaging.

It has (not) to represent your brand

This is a tricky point. A clear and representing trademark will make people remember your brand. For example, take a look at the product Indomie. Its trademark is the two famous taglines “Indomie Seleraku” (Indomie (is) My Taste) and “Indomie dari dan bagi Indonesia” (Indomie (is) from and for Indonesia). It’s engaging since it sure is telling everyone it is a food, from Indonesia, made for Indonesian taste.

But also, take a look at new brands nowadays. Most of them use a quirky and funny brand name and use a lot of comedy. That kind of trademark also makes a massive sale, because people tend to remember them a lot, talk about them a lot, and make huge free marketing.

This has to be something black and white. You should either make your brand trademark Indonesia as representing as possible or just really messed it up.

It has to be meaningful and has a sort of philosophy.

Not necessarily a drama, romantic meaning, or a Plato related philosophy. You just have to find a reason and consideration of the trademark you use. For example, the Indonesia food factory called “I am Geprek Bensu” (a crushed-spicy chicken restaurant). The Bensu itself stands for nothing but the owner’s name, who is Benny Sujono. Is it meaningful? Not really. It is just unique and has the reason behind the brand.

It should be interesting and memorable

Have you ever played a logo-game on your phone? Have you wondered why you can answer most of the logos? Correct. The more interesting the logo looks, the most memorable it is, the more people have them in their mind. Do you know the most engaging trick? Make it as relate-able as possible for the market.
The Harley Quinn Trademark: Which One Indonesians Love the Most?

Take a look at the Harley Quinn Trademark, the old one and the new one. The old one is the red and black clown, while the new one wore trendy clothing with a “Daddy Lil Monster” shirt. Which one do you think Indonesian love the most? The answer is the new Harley Quinn. Why?

Well, Most Indonesian love quirky and sexy styles, just like the new Harley Quinn. Indonesian also tend to be nosy about daddy issue topics, which makes her clothes triggering the public. That being said, the new Harley Quinn trademark makes a great marketing result in the Indonesia market.


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    How Do I Make Memorable Trademark Indonesia